Financial Resources and Incentives

Pike County  strives to offer the most competitive industrial sites.  The proposed sites can be eligible for a variety of federal, state, and local tax incentive programs. 

Depending on the total investment and project parameters, your company may qualify for one or more of the following incentive programs.


  • New Market Tax Credits

  • Opportunity Zone

  • HUB Zone

State of Mississippi

  • Statutory Incentives: MFLEX, Jobs Tax Credits, Advantage Jobs, Freeport Warehouse, Sales Tax Credits

  • Pike County, MS

  • City of McComb

  • Town of Summit

  • Fee in Leiu – requires an investment of $60 Million of more

  • Ad Valorem Exemption – 10 year exemption on real and personal property


  • Federal, State and Local grants for site development and infrastructure directly related to the project.

  • Certain areas of Pike County qualify for Historic Tax Credits and have an Opportunity Zone Designation.  We work directly with the client and our State and Federal partners to develop incentive proposals specifically for each customer. Please contact our office for more information to utilize these programs.